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are you ever just reading a book and you come across word that you don’t know how to pronounce so you just go afkjhjdsfsjkdhs in your head

when it’s someone’s name and you have to keep doing that for the rest of the book

And then if that book gets turned into a movie, they will pronounce the characters name and you just sit there in the cinemas like the fuck just happened to me


Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen + Face Appreciation 1/?

Look me in the eye and do it. Do it, you c o w a r d .

- Marcel used me.
- He used you to fight the people who were trying to kill you.


"I’ve been told I’m a violent girl. I’ve been given a 19th-century blade for my birthday. I’m sword mad!"

Elena Sudakova photographed by Sølve Sundsbø for Numéro #91


you have someone who would do anything for you


Arya Stark Appreciation Week
           ⌊ Day #1 → Favourite Quote

Lady Smallwood fussed at the bodice of the gown. “Now you look a proper young lady.” I’m not a lady, Arya wanted to tell her, I’m a wolf. [ASOS]

I didn’t want to play her as this femme fatale—she was a genuine evangelical with a real religious belief in the Reformation … Anne really influenced the world, behind closed doors but she’s given no explicit credit because she wasn’t protected.Let’s not forget, too, that history was written by men. And even now, in our post-feminist era we still have women struggle in public positions of power.



They caw their lamentations in the eerie trees.

Inferno, XIII — Dante